An Idea

In my last post, I discussed where I’m coming from – what sometimes feels like a broken shell of a state. I have the security and safety everyone works so hard for, and yet I am still searching for more. Today I want to put my thoughts into motion and talk about where I see myself going.

Almost six years ago I found myself in a serious and dangerous relationship. While today I am happy and healthy, I still find myself thinking back on those days and asking, “why?” I think five years is a good distance for reflection, and so I want to spend this year looking back and acting on the things I feel called to do. I feel it is my duty to talk about my experience and to create a platform for others to share theirs. Experiences with abuse and insecurity – issues that plague a large portion of our society.

I am fortunate to be in a place of privilege. I have the ability to see and to think and to look back. I have the ability to speak out. And that’s what I plan to do this year.


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