Happy 2nd Anniversary

An open letter to my husband on the 2nd anniversary of our marriage:

Let me start off by saying Happy Anniversary – we made it another year! This past year has brought trials and tribulations, but I am amazed by how we have been able to work together to get out of the mud each time. You make each day feel safe and secure, and always find a way to make me feel loved, even when I don’t deserve it. I love you for all the times you’ve stuck by my side when I refused to listen to your rational, obviously right, advice and I appreciate you being there to pick up the pieces when I subsequently fell apart. This past year wouldn’t have been bearable without you.

In fact, these past five years may not have existed if it wasn’t for you and for that reason I am so grateful. It’s crazy to think where we were and where we’ve been from that October five years ago.

I love you for your genuine kindness, your silliness, your perseverance and commitment. I love you for letting me drag you along to places and for letting me cry on your shoulder. I just love you. Happy Two Years!


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