No Stress Packing

I’ve traveled enough to know what to pack. However, with each impending trip, I find myself doubting my choices and panicking over an exploding suitcase.

With our honeymoon a day away, I find myself in the same state. What will I need? Will I bring too much? Is there something I’m forgetting?

I’m the girl who overthinks – who plans out the right outfit to pack for certain days – who thinks about which bag would be good to carry and when – who worries about packing too much or too little. With that being said, I hope the following breakdown of what I’ve learned from past travels, my personal packing essentials, and things to not forget to pack will help you as you plan your trip!

Tips from my past mistakes:

  • Pack dark colors – light colors show dirt and stains more easily and don’t stand up well in wet climates
  • Pack clothes that can easily be re-worn in different styles – this will save you space in your luggage and ease your mind when trying to decide what to wear
  • Pack snacks – in case you find yourself stuck in the middle of nowhere with no place to eat
  • Research the weather where you’re going (obviously) but be prepared for weather at least 10 degrees cooler – you may need a sweater while indoors or you may find that the wind is stronger than you anticipated
  • Don’t pack too many shoes!!

My personal packing essentials:

  • originsOrigins Skincare – This brand is a personal favorite of mine and I cannot go a day without using their moisturizers – especially if I’m staying in a colder, harsher climate! I usually use their sample sizes as my travel products.


  • Urban Decay’s Naked Basics Palette – I’m new to this eyeshadow palette but it has become an essential packing item for me. This palette is compact and can easily fit into my toiletries bag or carry on without being a burden. It’s also so easy to throw on a good everyday look without lugging around too many products.
  • Norwex Travel Cloths – If you haven’t heard of Norwex, you’re truly missing out. Norwex cleaning products are built on the idea of sustainability and green cleaning. Their microfiber cloths can clean up chicken with no chemicals – Don’t believe me? Check out this blacklight video. Anyways, I like to bring at least two different cloths with me:
    • The Body Cloth – This is a magic cloth – with the silver built in the fibers, I always feel clean and taken care of. This cloth also removes waterproof makeup – with just water.
    • The Enviro Cloth – Great for cleaning up spills, getting stains out of fabrics, and just cleaning those areas that are often covered in germs. Public restrooms? Shopping carts? Just wipe what you need to down with the enviro cloth.
  • PXRU4423_001_RMultipurpose bag – I plan to use a black Kate Spade tote as my multipurpose bag on our upcoming trip. It’s a black handbag big enough to be a carry-on, but small enough to use as a regular purse as we explore the city. For this particular trip, I needed something in which to carry my DSLR without looking like a tourist target. While I wish I could strap it across my body, I’m not worried about carry this bag on my shoulder.

Do not forget to pack:

  • Compact/foldable bag in case you need more room to carry souvenirs home
  • Rain jacket – Bob and I got Patagonia Houdini jackets that fold up
  • A printed scan of your passport – we printed two copies and left one with family and packed one. This will make the process easier in case something happens to your passport.
  • Medicines/Antacids/Tissues – These are things you often don’t think about but also things Bob and I can’t go without. I would hate to be in the middle of nowhere with a runny nose and no tissues or horrible heartburn and no antacids!
  • Travel journal – I’ve been keeping a travel journal since I was old enough to talk, thanks to my lovely mom. Keeping a journal of your activities is a great way to store your memories for when you’re older – and usually you end up writing some amazing things. To keep up, I usually write at the end of the day or if I have down time.
  • Hotel confirmations – After ending up with no accommodation in Amsterdam at midnight, I have started emailing hotels to confirm bookings and printing confirmations to bring with me as insurance.

I can only leave you with one last piece of advice: DON’T STRESS. If you don’t have something, you most likely can buy it where you’re going. And the destination is more important than what clothes you’re wearing or how your hair looks. Just be prepared, have fun, and enjoy your travels!


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