How we planned an 8 day whirlwind trip

People have been calling me crazy.

I’ve stopped posting questions on travel forums because that’s all people seem to be interested in pointing out – I’m ridiculous. And maybe I am. Or maybe this is just how I was raised to travel. Let me map out our plan for you.

Day 1: Fly from NC to London Heathrow. Catch a second plane to Edinburgh. Arrive in the city around 1pm.


Day 2: Explore Edinburgh.

Day 3: Take the train to Inverness at 6:30am. Arrive around noon, pick up a rental car and drive West to the Isle of Skye.


Day 4: Explore the Isle of Skye. Drive south towards Glasgow and stay overnight in the Glencoe area.

Day 5: Drive the rest of the way to Glasgow. Drop off the rental car and take a plane over to Belfast, N. Ireland.


Day 6: Day trip to the Antrim Coast in N. Ireland.

Day 7: Fly from Belfast to London – arrive around 10am. Explore London.


Day 8: Explore London.

Day 9: Fly home.

I know what you’re probably saying – dear, God, what is wrong with me. Truth be told, I got very excited about the possibility of throwing both Scotland and Ireland into the mix, and I got good deals on flights out of London.

Will this be a crazy trip? Yes. Will we probably want to kill each other by the end? Yes. Are we absolutely terrified about driving on the other side of the road? 10x yes.

Where will we be staying throughout the trip?

Our original plan was to stay in a self-catering cottage but we decided that we preferred to see as much as possible instead of staying in one location. Heck, if we like what we see in Scotland, maybe we’ll plan a second trip and just stay in one spot. But for now, we’re traveling like we may not get to travel again.

We’ll be staying in a collection of big and small hotels. I’m most excited about staying at the Loch Leven Hotel – I’ve seen so many great reviews and the scenery is beautiful. I’ll do a full report after the trip with the rest of the hotel details –

What kind of transportation are we using?

Planes, trains, and automobiles, baby. The planning part that took the most time was planning the transportation. I tried to plan it out so that we would have as much time as possible in each destination, but also so that we would have as easy of a trip as possible. Instead of driving 5 hours from Edinburgh to Isle of Skye, we decided to take a 3 hour train ride from Edinburgh to Inverness to cut out a couple of hours of road risk.

There’s so much more I want to share about the trip but I don’t want to come off as clinically insane. I’ll keep everyone updated on how successful we are with this plan once we return!


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