How we decided on a belated honeymoon

It’s almost time! In a few weeks Bob and I will be making our way to the United Kingdom for our belated honeymoon!

Now, belated honeymoons are nothing new – but I wanted to talk about our decision to delay the trip in case anyone is struggling to decide when and where they should go. I know I struggled for a few months making this decision, but as soon as I decided where to go, everything else – eventually – fell into place.

I’m a panic planner, so it took me a while to stomp out the details perfectly – I pretty much know Scotland’s map by heart now, though – so that’s good?

So, why did we decide to have a belated honeymoon?

  1. The obvious reason was that our wedding was in October, which fell around pretty much all of our family members’ birthdays, plus the major holidays were coming up so we expected to be broke.
  2. Bob works in insurance and the end of the year is CRAZY for him, with claims piling up. We discussed this issue as a team and decided that it would be best for us to wait until spring, when business would die down a bit.
  3. Waiting to travel meant more time to save money for the trip. After all the ridiculous wedding expenses, it was nice to have more time to save explicitly for the honeymoon.
  4. LESS STRESS! Kind of… Waiting a few months meant that we could wait to start planning. I don’t know about other couples out there, but our wedding planning process was super stressful and there was no way I was going to be able to panic plan a wedding AND a honeymoon, especially the one we’ve planned.
  5. We did have a “mini-moon”, which was a weekend trip to the mountains after the wedding, and we were able to stay in a nice hotel thanks to my new brother and sister in law. That helped us feel like we had time to celebrate the big step we made!

I’m sure there are more subconscious reasons we decided to travel in spring, but those are the major ones. I know I also struggled with the tradition of going on your honeymoon immediately after the wedding – balancing tradition and modern beliefs is difficult. I’ve grown up thinking that I had to have my wedding a particular way and follow what society usually does – but breaking out and doing what we really want to do has been refreshing.

Traveling four months after the wedding is also nice – we get to extend the honeymoon period! It’s hard not to fall back into the monotonous rhythm of life and traveling will break that up! This will be Bob’s first time in Europe, and my first time traveling “alone” in an area with limited data connection, so I’m excited about the memories we will make as we figure everything out.

I will keep everyone updated on our trip as we go along. Stay tuned for a post on how I planned our UK honeymoon – a road trip through Scotland, Ireland and London!


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